Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Rent My Timeshare different from other timeshare rental options?

We understand the complexity of timeshare overall. Our extensive industry knowledge allowed us to strategically re-engineer the way renting timeshare works.

How much does it cost to Rent My Timeshare?

Utilizing Rent My Timeshare Services does not cost you, the timeshare owner, a copper penny. We believe your points are extremely valuable and we treat them as such.

What timeshare companies does Rent My Timeshare work with?

Rent My Timeshare currently works with all points-based timeshare companies.

When will I get paid from renting my timeshare?

We pay our clients on the month following the completion of all rental reservations. Most clients receive their first payout 45 days after completing the Onboarding Process.
What does a "True 60/40 Split" mean?
When we re-engineered the timeshare rental process, we wanted to ensure timeshare owners made more for renting their points than ever before. Unlike other timeshare rental companies, we believe that you deserve a premium for your points. No upfront charges. No additional costs. You the owner receives 60% net payable.
What comes with your Full Service Concierge Option?
This is the best part of Rent My Timeshare! Although rental is our bread and butter, we work hand in hand with you, the owner, in planning your personal trips as well. We know you have been told that someone would be there for you throughout owning your timeshare - we are them. Navigating your ownership has never been easier. Knowing all the moving parts of owning a timeshare, we act as your timeshare ownership advisor at each stage of owning.
How do you pay the highest return for timeshare rentals in the industry?
Our timeshare rental strategy capitalizes on getting the highest amount we can for reservations, while using the least amount of points. We achieve this by targeting near-term timeshare rentals that commonly coincide with the benefits of your ownership. Through this approach we are able to get more money for less points.
How soon can I expect a check in the mail?
Because our strategic advantage with near-term rentals, most clients get paid for their points within 45 days of onboarding with Rent My Timeshare.
Who decides how many points I rent?
You decide! Your points are at your discretion. The amount of points that you allocate to Rent My Timeshare is ever changing - decide to rent more or less depending on your travel needs. We believe that the primary reason you originally purchased your timeshare was for you and your family to take great vacations.