Why Rent My Timeshare

make money by renting your timeshare quickly

Quicker Returns

We target near-term rental opportunities to provide the quickest timeshare rental returns. Our clients don't wait a year or more to make money.

best way to offset maintenance fees

Best Way to Offset

Renting your timeshare is the best way to offset the maintenance cost of owning. Let us do the work and make the most of your timeshare.

fair timeshare rental split

True 60/40 Split

We pay a true 60/40 Split. No extra costs. You earn 60% for every booking we get. It's that simple.

rent my timeshare no fees upfront

No Upfront Fees

Get started today with $0 out-of-pocket costs. We do the work risk-free for you, and only earn money by renting out your timeshare.

best return on investment

Highest ROI

Rent My Timeshare provides the most profitable rental options for timeshare owners in the industry.

full service timeshare rentals

Full Service

We are more than just a timeshare rental company. Let us help you with the benefits of owning through our concierge service.

How It Works

We believe that renting your timeshare should be easy, profitable and simple to do. Our four-step process is the best way to put your points into action.


Sign up for a free consultation


Get qualified for our program


Assign our team points to rent


Get paid after every successful booking

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Rent My Timeshare resort beach

How We Compare

No Upfront Charges

Maximized Client Profitability

Completely Full Service

Rentals booked months in advance

No year long waiting game

No long-term contracts

Concierge Service Included

Other Timeshare Rental Companies

Fees to Start

Limited Client Profitability

Require Clients to Book

Rentals booked a year out

Must wait a year or more to see profits

Long-term contracts binding clients

No  Concierge Service

Rent Your Timeshare

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"They do what they say and are better than my timeshare company's program.
Try it. You'll like it!"

Linda K.
Rent My Timeshare Client

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to Rent My Timeshare?

Utilizing Rent My Timeshare Services does not cost you, the timeshare owner, a copper penny. We believe your points are extremely valuable and we treat them as such.

What timeshare companies does Rent My Timeshare work with?

Rent My Timeshare currently works with all points-based timeshare companies.

When will I get paid from renting my timeshare?

We pay our clients on the month following the completion of all rental reservations. Most clients receive their first payout 45 days after completing the Onboarding Process.

How do you pay the highest return for timeshare rentals in the industry?

Our timeshare rental strategy capitalizes on getting the highest amount we can for reservations, while using the least amount of points. We achieve this by targeting near-term timeshare rentals that commonly coincide with the benefits of your ownership. Through this approach we are able to get more money for less points.

Who decides how many points I rent?

You decide! Your points are at your discretion. The amount of points that you allocate to Rent My Timeshare is ever changing - decide to rent more or less depending on your travel needs. We believe that the primary reason you originally purchased your timeshare was for you and your family to take great vacations.