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About Rent My Timeshare

Rent My Timeshare is the best Timeshare Rental Company. We offer the best returns for our clients with no upfront costs. Rent My Timeshare provides the most profitable rental options for timeshare owners in the industry. Renting your timeshare is the best way to offset the maintenance cost of owning. We target near-term rental opportunities to provide the quickest timeshare rental returns. Our clients don't wait a year or more to make money. Let us do the work and make the most of your timeshare.

The #1 Timeshare Rental Company
Who Rent My Timeshare Serves

Who we Serve

Our timeshare rental service is for Timeshare owners who want to get more from owning than just memories. We serve timeshare owners who own enough points to travel and want to put the remaining unused points to work.

If you want to recoup some of the costs from buying and maintaining your timeshare ownership, then renting your timeshare is the best option.

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Meet Our President
Davie Beckham

Renowned and accomplished in the timeshare industry for the better part of a decade, Davie founded the company in sheer need of owners just like you. Although each ownership is different, Davie understands that all timeshare owners needed an ally that truly helps accomplish all that timeshare owners dream of. Although renting timeshare is not a new concept, Davie re-engineered the way timeshare rentals work. 

Not only is Davie an accomplished timeshare industry expert, Davie is the father of three little secretaries of Rent My Timeshare.

Rent My Timeshare is a family owned and operated business proudly located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. 

Rent My Timeshare President Davie Beckham
Rent My Timeshare President Davie Beckham

Meet Our Vice President
Kirstie Beckham

Kirstie is the leading force for all the Timeshare Rental Operations and has cornered the timeshare rental market by partnering Rent My Timeshare with the biggest names in the vacation rental sector including - Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia.

Kirstie oversees all the day-to-day operations and manages the Rental Operations Department. Her industry knowledge comes from years of property management experience and timeshare rental experience.

When you get a check in the mail from Rent My Timeshare, she's the one you can thank for getting the reservation booked, paid for and completed.

Our Values

Rent My Timeshare was founded to give timeshare owners a better way to rent out unused points. We believe that renting your timeshare should be easy, profitable, and the most consistent way to cover the costs of owning.

Here at Rent My Timeshare, we know many timeshare owners have invested thousands of dollars into owning and many were promised they could rent their points with ease.

Yet, when it came time to rent the difficulty made most timeshare owners give up. To make matters worse, the number of timeshare rental companies that were committed to making it easy, profitable and consistent for timeshare owners was limited to say the least.

Rent My Timeshare is Committed To

World Class Service - we make this process of renting your timeshare easy and fun.

Highest Returns Paid - Being the best timeshare rental option means delivering the highest payouts to our clients time and time again.

Consistency - We know the importance of delivering time and time again. Rent My Timeshare is the most consistent way to offset the costs of owning.